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Looking to hire a powerful public speaker for your next event? Maybe you want to inspire your crowd with a thought provoking presentation? Chris is an accomplished public speaker motivated by his life experience. His unique expertise and insight into the criminal justice system has affected audiences nationwide.

Whether it is speaking to audiences in high schools, colleges, civic and religious groups, corporations, criminal justice associations and more.  Chris will cater his presentation to fit each individual audience.

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Chris’s “Real Life” Ethics Talk

It is not that College, Master’s programs, Law Schools and professional associations haven’t taught leadership and ethics.  They have.  But most do it poorly.  Ethics classes and seminars often focus on the “rules” and the legal aspect. This leaves the connection between values, leadership and action underdeveloped.  Leadership entails thinking beyond the daily crises to focus on the long term, grasping the impact of decisions on broader constituencies and sensing a responsibility that goes far beyond the immediate result of a decision in a professional environment. 
Professionals and students nationwide take oaths to serve a greater good and act ethically. But most people need more than an oath if they wish to become ethical leaders.  Such oaths sound much like a chastity vow taken by thousands of teenagers.  The problem in both cases is not a lack of sincerity, but a failure to adequately prepare for the moment of truth.  Just like the teenagers taking vows, professionals taking an ethics oath without enough supporting leadership education are likely more vulnerable to ethics breaches.  Most don’t realize that situational forces drive behavior to a greater extent, much more than expected by those who believe character determines all. 
Chris’s “Real Life” Ethics talk will better prepare students and professionals for leadership.  He uses his real life experiences to create a deeper understanding of the difficult decisions people will face in life, often under enormous pressure.  Making them aware that these decisions will challenge their values, and that, consequently, they need to clarify the values they stand for.  Chris will show audiences the necessity to hold themselves and their peers accountable for the commitments they make, or someone else will do that for them with unexpected lifetime consequences.